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Manta Rentals recommends the following hotels and companies. When booking through any of these companies please mention Manta Rentals as our confirmed clients receive generous discounts.

 Canoa Beach Hotel:

Canoa is located 1.5 hour drive North of Manta. This quaint little surf town sits at the bottom of beautiful cliffs and has breathtaking sunsets. The Canoa Beach Hotel is a brand new and beautiful establishment with spacious rooms, air conditioning, restaurant/bar, beautiful pool, and free breakfast for their clients. Please click on the picture to access their website.


Montanita Estate:

Montanita is located a 3 hours drive South of Manta on the Ruta Del Sol highway. One of our employees once referred to Montanita as a ‘bamboo Las Vegas’ and it is just that. The nightlife is lively with a walking street full of handcrafts, clubs, restaurants, bongo drummers, and street performers. While the town is lively, we recommend escaping to this beautiful hide out that overlooks the sprawling little town of Montanita when the day is done.  Please click on the picture to access the website.montanitaestate


Luna Run Tun Adventure Spa:

We love the beach…but sometimes it is nice to take a break and get pampered. A favorite destination of ours is Banos. This beautiful little city is located in the Andes Mountains at the base of the mystical volcano Tungurahua in the Sangay National Park. Enjoy beautiful mountain view, great food, and amazing spa treatments at this unique and enchanting getaway. If your time permits for a few days to go on a spa detour then please do not miss out on Luna Run Tun. Our confirmed clients receive a 10% discount on hotel fare here. Please click on the picture to access their website.