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$650 per month

Manta Condo


Prime location condominium located just a three minute walk from the Pacific Ocean.  This apartment has everything one could want.  Two bedrooms, two  bathrooms full layout kitchen and great views of the ocean and much more. There have also been many exercise classes opening up on the beach and the main malecon that you can join as well.  The quality of the building is superb and the location is very close to the Restaurant District. There you will find the best restaurants in Manta where fine dining is only a 5 minute walk away.  This is a very spacious apartment and the kitchen and bathrooms are finished with tile and granite. This area is highly sought out for rentals and or sales. This is a must see for your budget..


Air Conditioning
Direct TV ( Pay as you go)
Private Parking
24 Hour Security
Tenant is Responsible for Electricity


  • I’d like to see this condominium or something similar at your earliest convenience. Thanks.

    Michael Sherman
    Phone or WhatsApp 593 93 944 3687

  • I many be interested in renting on a monthly basis starting in May, 2018

    • Yes we have rentals available

      Please call at
      US 2294691203
      or EC 0980815951

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