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Manta Rentals has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you with any questions you might have regarding our services and your rentals.


Q: How do I arrange an airport pick up in Manta? What is the cost?

A: Please contact our property manager with your arrival information and we will be happy to schedule a pick-up for you. The fee is $15 one way.


Q: How do I pay for my rental?

A: Payment is expected with into our account at: ( before check in. If you are staying longer than 1 month, rent is expected the first day of every month. By the 5th of every month a late fee of 10% is added to your bill.


Q: Can I use my Security Deposit to pay for part of my rent?

A: No. The Security Deposit is separate from amount due for rent and will be returned within 30 days after check-out.


Q: Am I responsible for any utilities during my stay?

A: Yes. Tenants are responsible for their electricity and prepaid Direct TV if there is any in the apartment. Long term tenants are financially responsible for any desired upgrades in internet or TV service.


Q: Do I need to sign a rental agreement?

A: Yes. A Manta Rentals representative will go over the agreement with you upon check in. You do not need to copy and sign the agreement before arrival. The rental agreement can be found here.


Q: How do I make the Security Deposit to hold my reservation?

A: A security deposit must be made to hold the reservation. We use PayPal to do this as they charge minimal fees and the security deposit can be easily refunded with their services. When you send your reservation inquiry our reservations manager will send you the required information.


Q: I do not have a PayPal account. How do I make a deposit.

A: It is very simple to open a PayPal account and doesn’t take more than a few minutes to set up. Please visit to find out more information.


Q: Can I pay for my rental via PayPal?

A: Yes. Paypal is now available for you to pay your rent and the rent must be paid before you arrive. You can make your payment at  to our account listed here: (


Q: We would like to rent a car. Who do you recommend?

A: Avis is all over Ecuador. We have two offices here in Manta. Check online with Avis as they sometimes have good deals depending on the time of the year.


Q: Will my mobile phone from the states work in Ecuador?

A: This varies on your mobile carrier and your plan of service. We recommend unlocking your phone before you arrive and buying an Ecuadorian SIM card when you arrive. The pre-paid SIM card is only a few dollars and you can buy as many minutes as you need.


Q: How much should a taxi cost?

A: There are an abundance of cabs here in Manta. Everywhere in town should cost $1 from point A to point B and an additional $1 for every additional stop. If you are staying out of town a few minutes in Plaza Del Mar the cab ride to town should be around $3.


Q: Is there a grocery store nearby?

A: There is Supermaxi and Mi Comisariato on Avenida Flavio Reyes. They have everything from fresh produce, small bakery, meat deli, and fresh flowers. All cabs know these two places.


Q: Is the water safe to drink?

A: Not really. In fact nowhere in South America should you drink the water from the tap. Some of our apartments have a reverse osmosis filtration system and the water is ok to drink. But as a rule of thumb, do not drink the water unless you boil it first.


Q: Is it safe to eat food off of the streets?

A: It depends. Always ask if the vendor uses “agua purificada” or “filtered water.” If the place has a lot of locals eating at it, then it is probably safe.


Q: What is the name of the main beach in Manta?

A: The main beach is called Playa Murcielgo on the Malecon. There are many vendors and great restaurants on the boardwalk. We recommend a restaurant named Jireh and Alcatraz.


Q: Does Manta have a shopping mall?

A: Yes. El Paseo is the name of the shopping mall. It has around 75 stores with all the necessities such as 8 movie theaters, food court, grocery store, hardware store and clothing stores.